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Best TVs for the Money

by Owen Wilson

With the wide variety of TVs in the market, you’re sure to get your type. The best TVs in the market may cost slightly high but owning one of them is worth the investment. If you’re in for that lifetime viewing experience, we’ve got something for you. Selecting one of the best TVs in the flooded market to fully suit your needs requires some knowledgeable skills and a closer insight on the same. Among the vital specifications to consider are the panel technologies, screen resolutions and HDR performance. Read on and get to know the best TVs for the money (For more http://www.gadgetreview.com/best-tv-for-the-money) in the market; choose that screen you can easily manage.

Samsung KS9500

The Samsung KS9500 is a series of three distinct screen sizes; Samsung UE65KS9500-65 inch, Samsung UE78KS9500-78 inch and Samsung UE88KS9500- 88 inch. This series features an amazing HDR and sound performance with incredible image acuity and picture quality. Samsung is one of the pioneers which unlocked the advanced HDR technology and KS9500 series is running a full potential of the technological breakthrough. The groundbreaking brightness and deep color variations win big for this case. 3 D support isn’t available for this series but still remains one of the most luxurious TVs of 2017.

Panasonic DX802

This is a well-priced TV brand that comes is a series of two products; the Panasonic TX-58DX802B- 58 inches and Panasonic TX-50DX802B – 50 inches. The two vary slightly in price due to the screen size but the level of performance and available features are nearly equal. Sound and picture quality are excellent with a gorgeous outer design. The contrast and HDR brightness may be slightly down as compared to other highly-priced rivals but still do well within its standards.

This Panasonic series comes in a complete package with 12 speakers (soundbar) external audio system, UHD screens, Smart TV system and support for the dynamic range playback. With LED lighting technology, one can easily customize the view with the adaptive backlight in its maximum setting to produce some of the best and highly refined images. The easel-designed silver legs set a unique image and a touch of décor to your home’s interior design.

Samsung KS7000

The KS7000 is yet another series of the Samsung brand of TVs that features a uniquely smart TV system. This series comprises of three models Samsung; UE49KS7000- 49 inches, UE55KS7000 – 55 inches and UE60KS7000- 60 inches. The prices are slightly fair and differ with the varying screen sizes. The high color vibrancy and the ultra bright panel design make this product a top pick. The frames are made of well-polished metals and make it attractive from a distance. In the case of very bright HDR objects, some backlight blocking and stripping might be witnessed against dark and dim backgrounds though quite transient.

LG OLEDE6 series

This is the latest LG series that combines the OLED panel technology with a bunch of stunning features for that amazing performance. It comprises of two LG models, a 55 and 65-inch screens both in ultra-slim designs. OLEDE6 delivers a high level of contrast, independent bright color, and quality HDR characteristics. The sound bar which is strategically positioned at the bottom of the OLED6’s screen produces a clear sound that can best match that of an external audio system. The slightest of a drawback in this TV model is the inability to produce very distinct images in bright HDR areas; though very rare, causes fleeting color-noise.

That being said, this product cost some real cash; the 65-inch model is priced at $4497 while the 55 inch goes for $2997. Its screen resolution and OLED pixels cost the real deal.

Sony 809/ W805 series

From the wide variety of Sony TVs in the market, this series features some of the best six Sony TV models you’re sure to get in the market. One set comprises of Sony KDL W805C; 43W809C -43 inch, 50W805C-5o inch and 55W805C – 55 inches. The other set is Sony KDL W809C; 43W809C -43 inch, 50W809C- 50 inch and 55W809C- 55 inches. Sony has always been at the forefront in delivering high-graphics, sleek design, and high-resolution screens. The prices of this product are great marvel as compared to those models with the same specs.

This Sony W809/ 805 series delivers the finest picture quality and image acuity in the HD world. No need of UHD and 4 K supports when you have this complete product to serve all your needs. Android TV interference may be a bit of a drawback but still outstands most of the overpriced TV models in the market. The prices range from £502.95 to £652.53 depending on the screen size and series type.

Other series with incredible performance includes the Panasonic DX902, LG OLED B6, Sony XD9405, Samsung K5600 and the Panasonic DX600. All these have nearly the same specification (panel technology, HDR performance, and screen resolution) compared with the discussed models of the same make/ brand.

Available screen technologies

From LCD, LED to OLED, all these have different screen functioning but works to produce the same results. Each technology is unique in its own way. OLED is a bit more expensive and allows for the production of sleek screen design. The HDR resolution produces one of the highest visual fidelity and is common only with new models. HD, ultra HD, and the 4K are the other types of screen resolution; ultra HD has a resolution that’s four times that of a full HD. 4K screens upscale the HD to ultra-HD picture quality.

Important factors to consider

Before you are set to purchase that TV of your choice, there are some important factors to consider.

The size of your TV should be proportional to your watching distance. Before considering the price, be sure to buy something you’re comfortable watching without straining the eyes. The contrast, sound clarity, image acuity and general physical appearance are also worth considering.

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