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Bidding Low, Saving High

by Arnold Atlas
Bidding Low, Saving High

Trading can be traced back to when people would with others, they would trade what they had for what they needed. Trading and business, in general, has metamorphosed to a point where you can now sell and buy items and services from anywhere long as you have a gadget with access to the internet. Online auction has gained popularity in the recent past and have become a major way of trading and conducting business.

Online auctions offer both parties with convenience as the buyer doesn’t have to travel to the seller in order to view the product, and the seller saves both time and resources they would have spent on and actual auction. There are numerous websites all around the globe that offer both individuals and businesses with a platform to sell their products and services.

One of the reasons why this form of trading has gained such attractiveness is because the seller gets targeted and focus market group, and the buyer gets to buy from the comfort of their own home or office. Therefore, an action can still be held even if parties are continents away.


Though preventive measures have been put in place to ensure the buyer is free of any scammers, there are some scammers still who have perfected the act of swindling people of their hard earned money. When a new or unsuspecting buyer is conned, they are most hesitant to try that or any other website selling products through online auctions. This ultimately reduces the perception of authenticity and reliability both for auction related websites and for the service and product providers.

Below, herein are a few tips and practices that you can try out to ensure you’re not being tricked by a scam artist.

Do your research

Before you rush off to bid on a lucrative deal, make sure you have a quick search on a description of the product, what other sellers are selling it for and exactly what the product offers. This way, you ensure you get to see if the product truly is available or is just a ruse, and you also get to compare prices and quality from different sellers, giving you value for money.

Be diverse

More often than not, when you think of online auctions, you think of the big and renowned websites. But the truth is, those big websites often come at a cost –both figuratively and literally. Instead, look for relatively smaller and upcoming websites. These not only offer better deals, but their size also allows them to weed out scammers very quickly, while still offering you personalized care. The trick though might be to find them as they are not as prominent as the big sites.

Aftersales services

A seller who is confident in the quality of their product will always take pride in it. Some of the ways you can see this is in aftersales services. Have a keen look through the sellers –and websites– terms of service and conditions. If they offer after sales services such as installation, customer care, and warranty, this should give you a little more confidence while purchasing from them.

Ratings and reviews

Chances are, this isn’t the first time the person you want to buy from is doing business on the said platform. Peruse through what their earlier customers had to say about their products and services. However, some sellers do pay off people to rate them positively, while looking through the reviews, be careful to make sure their not fake.

A good way to tell if they’re fake or real is by the language used, you can always tell the aura of genuine and grateful gratitude as compared to a paid off the review. Also, look if the reviews –no matter how great– are all positive, usually this is a red flag as not everyone enjoys the product or service in the same way.

Read more

There are countless articles and magazines that aim to educate and dispense information regarding online auctions. You being here reading this is proof enough. Look through the internet and relevant articles to give you more insight on the online auctions, tricks and tips, and how to get the most of your action.

Looks like you are ready to start bidding. Be sure to keep in mind the above tips through your bidding endeavor. In no time, you’ll be a bid savvy giving advice to your friends and other online auction bidders. All the best.

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