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Breaking: Have a Dermatologist Checkout Your Skin From The Comfort Of Your Home

by Terry Jhon

In the past, when someone contracted a skin condition or needed a particular skin issue diagnosed by a professional, they had to go through an endless list of hoops just to set up an appointment in the hopefully near future. Thankfully, Dermatologists and leading other skin care professionals decided to combine their knowledge with a leading technology company in the efforts of revolutionizing the way patients have their skin issue looked at. DermCheckApp, an app that allows anyone to have their skin looked at by a professional using only their phone, hopes to completely remove the waiting room and provide answers to patients faster than ever before.


How Does DermCheckApp Work?

Instead of having to wait days to simply get your skin issue looked at, the creators of DermCheckApp have created a unique approach to streamlining the clinical process of diagnosing skin issues.

First, the user downloads the app and installs it on their iPhone or other smartphone. By simply searching for DermCheck on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, users can have instant access to the application.

Once installed, the user provides information to help with the digital consultation. This includes taking photos of said skin condition, answering a few, brief medical history questions, and simply submitting it to a specialized dermatologist.

After the submission has been sent, a licensed dermatologist will take a one-on-one look at your issue and provide and provide a customized treatment plan. If your skin issue involves a prescription, the app itself will send the prescription to your local pharmacy for free.

Longs story short, users of DermCheck can expect a consultation, detailed treatment plan, prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy, and patient-doc communication for a flat fee of 39.95 per visit.

Which Conditions Are Included?

Virtually any type of skin condition is include with this revolutionary service. Popular conditions for DermCheck include:

  • Moles
  • Acne
  • Cold Sores
  • Dandruff
  • Hair Loss
  • Rosacea
  • Dry Skin
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

As the app continues to grow in popularity, the creators of DermCheck are pushing the envelope to include better coverage for other skin conditions.

Who Uses DermCheck?

Although the system itself has only been recently released to the public, dozens of leading medical professionals has stepped forward in an attempt to revolutionize the way clinics handle skin-related issue.

It should be noted that DermCheck is only available in California, New York, and Maryland, at this time. However, with that being said, Dermatologists from around the continental United States are jumping on board as the days continue to pass. Creators of DermCheck expect the service to go live around all 50 states in the upcoming months.

Can a Virtual Dermatologist Visit Provide Accurate Diagnosis?

There will always be doubters when it comes to technology rapidly evolving, but the truth is that the potential is there. Fortunately, 99% of skin conditions can be properly diagnosed by simply looking at lesions. Due to this fact, online dermatologist services are seemingly popping up left and right that provide powerful and practical value to sufferers in need of medical attention.

A digital dermatologist service like this is ideal for virtually anyone who is suffering from any kind skin condition that causes said patient to suffer. By using an online dermatologist service like DermCheck, users can expect ideal solutions that can provide more accurate, faster results than ever before.

For example, if a patient was suffering from severe acne, they could simply download DermCheck, provide a handful of pictures, answer a few medical questions, and submit the form to a dermatologist. Within no time, the patient will receive a accurate, professional medical diagnosis and receive acne treatment faster than ever before.

Continuing the previous example, if said patient decided that they wanted to see a dermatologist in person, they’d have to call a medical office, set up an appointment in the (hopefully) near future, and wait for their appointment. This process is not only mundane and out of date, it can cause provide enough time for a skin irritation to grow exponentially.

Long-story short, DermCheck has proven time and time again to provide accurate diagnoses and when compared to traditional means of diagnosing skin issues, patients have regarded DermCheck a far superior solution.


It’s clear that DermCheck has the potential to change the way patients deal with dermatologists. This app will save time and money, and streamline the entire process. By completely removing the waiting room, users of DermCheck can expect 100% satisfaction, easy diagnosis, increased security & confidentiality.

If you’re living in California, New York, or Maryland, you’ve likely seen DermCheck on FOX14, ABC6, International Business Times, CBS19, or similar news stations. However, on the off-set chance that you’ve missed the report, its highly recommended that you keep DermCheck in mind. Skin conditions can be quite common and DermCheck provides a superior solution and can completely eliminate ever having to wait in a waiting room ever again.

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