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Explore the Faculty of Science Labs and Space Through The Use of Virtual Tours

by Owen Wilson
Explore the Faculty of Science Labs and Space Through The Use of Virtual Tours

The pursuit of higher education is one of the most important steps towards establishing a great future for yourself. One way through which you can decide which university you would like to go to is by actually visiting the facility. That way, you get to familiarize yourself with the university community, the facilities that they provide and the surrounding. What happens then when you are unable to physically visit the facilities due to one reason or the other? Is there an alternative way of going about this?

Virtual tour and what it is about

Thanks to the development of technology, you have a way to visit a university even without having to personally go there. McMaster University is one of the first Universities in Canada to offer virtual tour as a way of prospective students getting to explore the university. Virtual tour has been developed by the Faculty of Science Virtual Tour. You can get to discover the university through an internet connection. That way, you get to see the laboratories such as those of anatomy among other facilities.

This means that regardless of your current location, you can still be able to “visit” the facilities in the university which are available for undergraduate students. The McMaster’s Central Recruitment and the Faculty of Science Associate Dean’s Office work hand in hand to ensure that the virtual tour is updated and gives one a wonderful experience.

What are some of the features of the Virtual Tour?

The virtual tour has many features which work to the convenience of the person who wishes to visit the university. Some of them includeVirtual Tour


  • A guided tour

The guided tour provides one with the same experience that they would have gotten where they to do an in-person. Under the guided tour, one will get to see the routes and the facilities that are showed when one would visit the facility. It is a great way to get a preview of the facilities and laboratories that you might be using once you join campus.

  • Self-guided tour

If you would rather not use the guided tour, you have the option of exploring the university through the self-guided tour. This feature allows one to have a look at some of the exceptional facilities which the university has to offer. These facilities will mostly be accessed by students who advance in their studies in science. The facilities include; Cell Biology Lab and the Nuclear Reactor.

  • A360-degree look at the facility

The 360-degree visuals of the McMaster University is powered by Google’s Street View project. It gives one an opportunity to get to see the university through the images which have a 360-degree photographic level. This feature is accessible on the guided or self-guided tour options that are available. You get to enjoy a 360-degrees tour of some of the facilities included on the virtual tour like the 11 buildings and 29 locations. The locations and facilities are bound to be increased depending on how successful the sites will work.

  • Basic Mode

Given that not everyone has access to a reliable internet connection or modern technology, the university put this into consideration and came up with the basic mode. The basic mode allows those experiencing such challenges to also be able to have a tour of the university through some images.

Benefits of using virtual tour

There are some many benefits associated with the virtual tour. As stated earlier, it gives one the chance to tour the university regardless of their location. This comes in handy especially for those who cannot be able to do an in-person tour due to their schedule or being in a different city. How convenient!

Secondly, there are instances where future students may not be able to access a facility due to safety reasons or when the facility is being used at that moment. The Associate Dean of Science (Academics) stated that such visitors can take advantage of the virtual tour sites to have a glimpse of these facilities. In addition, the virtual tours are free. You only require a good internet connection and a computer through which you can access the sites where the virtual tour can be accessed.

To conclude, if you are looking forward to having a feel of what an undergraduate Science program at the McMaster University would be like, virtual tours are for you. It is an easy yet convenient way of touring the facilities and locations at the university throughout the year.

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