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Why a Great Protein Shake Will Include Probiotics

by Daniel Muse
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Probiotics are all the hype these days, attracting tons of attention for their ability to boost your immune system and gut health. A lot of health supplement companies are jumping into providing probiotics, and not just in supplement form, but in other products as well. 310 Nutrition includes 1 billion CFU of probiotics in their new meal replacement shake formula. According to 310 shake reviews, customers were excited about this new addition.

Below, we will discuss some important advantages of having probiotics in protein shakes. Here are 6 reasons we think you should find a protein powder with this beneficial addition:

Supports Weight Loss

Probiotics are alive microorganisms that are good for the friendly bacteria in our guts. Unlike antibiotics which destroy the healthy inner ecosystem, probiotics restore it. And once the friendly bacteria in the gut are healthy, they help the body to naturally lose excess weight. Another advantage is that they naturally suppress hunger, which helps in following a controlled, healthy diet if required.

Supports Healthy Glucose Metabolism

The vitamin B present in probiotics helps support overall digestive health and promotes a healthy metabolism. It does it by replenishing the good bacteria found in two parts of our digestive system and helps break down the lactose sugars and the complex carbohydrates, which boosts our metabolism and makes us digest properly.

Promotes Healthy Gut Flora

Probiotics help us to repopulate the good bacteria in our gut. In fact, scientific studies have shown that they promote the growth of many useful bacteria, including Bifidobacteria. These in particular may help us reduce the chance of diseases related to obesity, diabetes and heart problems: all common side effects of an excessive body weight and nutrition malfunction. 310 shake reviews discuss how this beneficial ingredient added to the new shakes helps to improve their complete health, not just losing weight.


Helps Maintain a Healthy Immune System

Probiotics are good bacteria that help us digest nutrients, which boost the detoxification of our colon and support our immune system. There are some intestinal microbes in our gut flora which lower the pH of our intestinal contents. In doing so, these nasty microbes can create bad, harmful bacteria. Probiotics secrete peptides that help to kill these harmful bacteria in the gut. And if probiotics cannot kill them, they at least have the ability of lowering the chance of them entering into the blood stream. This powerful and useful action decreases the possibility of infections and makes the immune system much more healthy.

Improves Gastrointestinal Health

According to Harvard Medical School, probiotics have been used successfully in the treatment of diarrhea. In fact, studies have shown that Lactobacillus GG can shorten the course of infectious diarrhea in infants and children. Also, this substance may help people suffering from Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Enhances Energy

Probiotics are responsible for generating more good bacteria in our gut, which leads it to be responsible for coordinating many important functions in our body, such as helping us digest food, regulating our immune system, balancing our blood sugar, and reducing temporary inflammation. However, these good bacteria in our gut are also responsible for our mood and energy cycle. This is why getting our gut flora to be healthy is extremely important for our overall wellbeing. These good bacteria are also responsible for:

  • Producing brain chemicals
  • Lowering cortisol presence
  • Reducing possible inflammation

These are the top 6 benefits of probiotics in protein shakes. Some other benefits of probiotics include the following:

  • They remove harmful microbes and substances
  • Support your body’s natural detoxification process
  • Relieve gas, bloating and discomfort

Therefore, we suggest that the consumption of probiotics in protein shakes can be very useful if you want to lose weight, or strengthen the immune system. And according to the users who have tried it, this product might actually change your life. 310 shake reviews suggest that the addition of probiotics is one of the key features that makes their shakes stand out from the rest.

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