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How to Motivate Remote Employees

by Arnold Atlas
How to Motivate Remote Employees

In times of COVID-19, it has become hard to motivate remote employees. Offices have been left empty, making working from your dining room table the new norm.

Working from home changed the whole dynamic of work schedules, relationships, and even tasks. According to the Hub Staff blog, 58.25% of businesses plan to stay partially remote, and another 26.25% will remain distributed entirely for the foreseeable future. That is why motivating remote employees is essential now more than ever.

Why is Remote Employees’ Motivation Important?

As life continues, one begins to wonder: how much more time will this way of working go on for, or when will I be able to return to the office? Employees are starting to lose motivation, and this is an issue of much concern for many. Are you worried about how to motivate and incentivize your workers? Look no further; here, you’ll find all the tips and tricks to find everything you need to get things back on track.

Not having control of what your workers are doing from home can be an issue. Back in the good old days, seeing them at the office or having fixed hours guaranteed specific supervision that no longer exists. The losing of motivation is more common than not since working from home can be asphyxiating.

I’m sure you want your company to be as successful as possible, so seeing an employee not provide their 100% can be irritating. There is no reason for you to feel helpless towards this situation; it is pretty easy to boost up remote employees with good incentives and promises that’ll make sure to improve their work.

What Drives Motivation?

Motivation is a strange and sometimes hard feeling to generate in other people. This shouldn’t frighten you, though! Being in charge of a team is a beautiful thing, and your value for them can be shown through many different ways that at the same time will keep the worker happy and motivated with a sense of belonging.

Before we get into more details, it’s crucial to understand how motivation works and what it is, of course.

According to verywellmind.com: “motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.” When it comes to being an employee, this can be hard to find, often leading to decreased effort in their work.

Motivation can often be put under two categories:

  1. Extrinsic motivations: Those that occur from entirely outside the individual are the most common ones used by employers. It involves rewards such as trophies, social recognition, praise, and even money.
  2. Intrinsic motivation: This is the motivation that comes entirely from the individual itself and is simply for self-worth and pleasure, such as reading a book or painting a painting.

There are three main significant components to achieving motivation, both on a personal and professional level.

  • Activation: This is the decision to go through with specific behavior. It could be the way an employee decides to show leadership by providing ideas or the way he goes above and beyond the tasks he has to accomplish
  • Persistence: This is the continued effort to achieve specific tasks or goals, even though they might be difficult or demanding at times. An example of this with remote employees is getting more work done than necessary or even working extra time without extra pay.
  • Intensity: The way intensity varies amongst employees isn’t a hard thing to differentiate. A worker that gets just enough done doesn’t have much team spirit and takes long breaks won’t have nearly the same amount of motivation as a worker that does the complete opposite.

Those three factors mentioned above are significant and should be taken into consideration by the employer.

In times of isolation, finding ways to boost up remote employees can be difficult. Nonetheless, it is still something obtainable and will be explained in proper detail later in this writing.

Motivate Remote Employees

What Issues Arise if Remote Employees are Not Motivated?

Not being motivated is something that should be taken into account quite seriously. You will become uneasy and unattached to your job in the long run, possibly leading to quitting, being fired, or unlawfully completing tasks. Everybody is aware that it’s no easy task to manage remote employees.

One of the most common reasons for demotivation and low morale amongst employees is a poor relationship between them and their boss or supervisor. These relationships tend to be hard to mend once the employee feels this way- but nothing is impossible.

Do you feel this is the case with your business? Hang in there; being a successful leader involves high morale in the office, but since the office is no longer an option because of COVID-19, you must virtually achieve motivation!

Attractive Ways to Motivate Remote Employees

Motivation is a crucial piece to success when running a business. Do you ever wonder how to boost up remote employees in these weird times? If you have, then you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are a few different ways that prove to boost motivation and morale.

Although this might sound like a difficult task, making it easy and going step by step will guarantee long-lasting employees and improve the success you see.

  • Offer Health Benefits

Since the COVID outbreak last year, humans everywhere have increased their concern for health and staying safe. Providing health benefits is an excellent way to show that your company cares about the employee and that their well-being is essential.

  • Show Care

Showing your employee that you care will go a long way. This can be through a simple text message or even sending a gift basket to their home. Feeling appreciated on a professional level will improve your employees’ way of thinking about the current situation they’re in.

  • Provide Best Tools

Giving your employees the best tools to accomplish their tasks will make them feel that what they’re doing is of value. Since they’re given the best, they will try to deliver the best too.

  • Extend Innovative Incentives

In strange times, strange incentives may work to boost motivation. Since a good part of the business world is virtual, virtual rewards and prizes could be exactly your employee’s needs.

  • Always Provide Feedback

Working from home can be strange since you’re your boss in a certain way. This can leave the employed feeling lost and unsure of their work. Providing feedback and being patient and cheerful will make your workers feel more at home and safe about what they’re doing.

  • Foster a Sense of Belonging

Making sure your employees feel part of the team can be difficult, especially if they were hired directly remotely. Making sure there is a sense of a team and being part of it will have your employees feel more comfortable. Making them feel proud of who they’re working for will boost up remote employees and company culture.

  • Follow Global Trends

Considering what successful companies are doing to obtain high levels of motivation amongst their remote workers can be a great way to start the search for how to run your business.

  • Trust Your Team

Feeling trusted as a worker is a sign of respect and will boost confidence, so make sure to show this to obtain high levels of independence and productivity. When employees don’t feel trusted, they could feel intimidated and won’t feel comfortable working for you.

  • Empowerment

Independence can lead to feeling empowered. Giving a worker space, respecting and valuing their ideas, and asking for their opinion will provide them with the motivation that they might be lacking.

  • Improve the Overall Communication

Having regular meetings and a group chat amongst colleagues will improve the direction and drive the company is looking for. A good-natured spirit with good communication will have employees sticking together and helping one another, boosting motivation and morale.

  • Provide Flexibility

Working from home can be anything but easy. Please don’t be too uptight with your employees since their situation might not be ideal. Be flexible and fair. They will value this, and your respect will be increased.

  • Recognize Employee Efforts and Achievements

When your employee has worked hard on a project and goes unnoticed, they won’t feel valued and will quickly lose interest in future tasks. Giving them a pat on the back from time to time will make them feel appreciated, keep them focused and on track.

Wrap Up

Coming to the acceptance that motivation can and may be hard to find by some of your employees, especially in these strange times, is the first step to improvement. Working remotely has brought to light deeper issues involving motivation and the downsides of working from home, so make sure to address this issue in the best form possible.

Ensure to understand and go in-depth with the steps mentioned above to boost your company’s overall work ethic and success! Not only will your remote employees be grateful, but you’ll also increase trust, respect, and productiveness!

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