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Legendary World War II Movies

by Jaxon Philip
Legendary world war II movies movies

It will be a shame if you never heard of World War II. It was one of the most frightening historical events. The war lasted from 1939-1945. Its devastating effect is beyond description. Almost every part of the world participated in this global war. Besides, this event also changed global politics and power development.

Such a historical event needs to be portrayed for the next generations. Thus, there are a lot of books, novels, dramas, and films to tell us the stories. Here, we will talk about some of the great world war ii movies till now. Check out the list and see if there is any movie you haven’t watched yet.

Best Movies Based on World War II

There are hundreds of war movies, but not all of them got impressive recognition. Some movies were even biased and gave us false information about a crucial event. Among them, some World War II movies were not only amazing but beyond our imagination. They showed the events and scenarios in such a way that felt real.

It was as if we were participating in the real war. Such great creations earned recognition and great success in the movie industry. For you, we are mentioning seven of the greatest world war ii movies to put on your watchlist.

Schindler’s Listschindler's list

Schindler’s list is one of the greatest world war II movies we have seen. Its storyline and impact were so beautiful that people often argue whether or not it is the best movie ever. This historical drama was made based on Schindler’s Ark novel written by Thomas Keneally. As for the drama, it was written by Steven Zaillian. In 1993, Steven Spielberg directed the legendary film Schindler’s List.

The movie plot is based on the great deed Oskar Schindler did during the holocaust in Krakow, Poland. The Germans occupied the area and did mass murder of the Polish Jews. In the process, they killed around 6 million European Jews. During the Period, Oskar Schindler was a person who dedicated himself to saving as many Jews’ lives as possible.

He managed an industry to make Enamelware. With the help of a local Jews Officier Itzhak Stern, he hired as many Jews as possible and let them work under him. He maintained a good relationship with the Nazis and protected those Jews workers from getting murdered. Even though there were multiple actions to kill those workers, Schindler made crucial plans and saved them from the genocide.

In this long journey, he created a list of the workers who were moved by his command and got protection. Later, this list was recognized as the Schindler’s List. When the war ended, those who survived Jews declared his rescue and respected him as their great savior. The tradition and respect are still followed with great respect and honor.

The Great EscapeThe great escape

As the name says, it is a movie based on a miraculous jail escape. This move follows a non-fiction story written by Paul Brickhill. During world war II, Nazi soldiers kept a lot of civil and military people as prisoners and hostages. The plot of this movie happened in German POW camp Stalag Luft III, Poland. The prison team was full of British commonwealth POWs, which refers to the prisoners of war.

The prisoners were military people and couldn’t just throw their life in the hands of fate. They used every possible source and planned an escape mission. They dug a secret tunnel through the prison’s underground. It was a hell of a ride for them with all the uncertainty.
Finally, they were successful. The story is full of surprise actions and intense moments. In the last part, the border crossing scene with a motorbike is still one of the best action scenes we have seen. After all, it was one of the most successful world war II movies.

Flags of Our FatherFlags of our Father

Not all world war II movies are about explosive fighting to win the war. Some of them are to remind us how different people went through their lives and adventures during the war. Even though this movie was based on a secret invading mission, it reflects more on human behavior and life.

The plot indicates a historical event, the Battle of Iwo Jima. Originally, James Bradley and Ron Powers wrote its story. As for the movie, William Broyles Jr. and Paul Haggis wrote the storyline while Clint Eastwood directed it. Remember that this movie has two versions. Flags of Our Father follows the Battle of Iwo Jima’s storyline, which shows the American perspective. Another one follows A Letter from Iwo Jima, which shows the Japanese perspective.

The plot indicates how the American team invaded the Japanese area of Iwo Jima. It shows their strategy and complete invasion of Iwo Jima. Later, it focused more on how those invaders lead their life. During the invasion, multiple people joined in raising their flag and declaring the successful invasion. A photo was taken to secure the victorious moment as proof.

But, the issue comes after the survivors return. During a press gathering, one of the survivors was asked to identify the people in the photo. He identified all of them except one person. Later the story deals with how their life goes on, the guilt they had to bear for that mistake, and even hiding it.

Letter From Iwo JimaLetter from Low Jima

We mentioned, Flags of Our Father has two versions. One is the American perspective, and another one is the Japanese perspective. Both of them state the invasion in Iwo Jima. As for this one, it is from the Japanese perspective. Even though Letter From Iwo Jima wasn’t a box office success, it contains historical knowledge. So, this is a must-watch World War II movie for sure.

Clint Eastwood directed this movie with Japanese casts like Ken Watanabe and Kazunari Ninomiya. Unlike the American version, it focused more on how Japanese soldiers reacted to the American invasion. Later, they portrayed the loss and how the Japanese commanding soldiers took responsibility for their failure.

Das BootDas Boot

Das Boot is a bit different from the raiding movie during world war II. The war was full of different invasion and raiding strategies. The movie plot is on a German Submarine’s raiding journey. But, the main plot reflects Werner’s journey and experience during the submarine raid. He was a German journalist from the U-96 submarine group.

While the submarine went on a raid in La Rochelle, Werner was given a job to look after the group. The story states their success and disaster with the submarine. They also portrait how the team managed different war situations along with their personal matters. Werner lived throughout the journey and saw everything closely.

He saw their success along with their doom while the captain died in front of him. The whole journey is like an emotional roller coaster for him. This movie’s English name is The Boat. Wolfgang Petersen directed the movie while the plot follows Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s experience. He published a novel on his journey with the German submarine U-96.

Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryne

This movie is another great war movie. The famous director Steven Spielberg created it. Robert Rodat was the one who wrote the movie story. The story took place in Omaha Beach. The plot event was known as Normandy Landings.
Saving Private Ryan is one of the world war II movies where the attack and invasion were to save someone.

For this one, it is James Francis Ryan, who was part of the US Army. As the main character, he was the highlight of the story. James went missing during a mission but was reported as alive. A search team came to the rescue while Ryan’s 101st Rescue Airborne Division was in action with German Soldiers.

Things got pretty ugly when the rescue team reached the action. Captain John H. Miller was leading the team and ended up sacrificing his own life to save Ryan. In the end, Ryan survived to remember how Miller risked his life.

The Longest DayThe Longest Day

The Longest Day is one of the legendary Academy award-winning war movies. It is more like a storytelling movie where the scenes come along portraying the storyline. The Normandy Invasion is still one of the most remarkable events during world war II. The movie indicates the story where the US army and their allied forces launch a joint invasion in Normandy, France. With so many casualties and conditions, the invasion goes through.

This movie is one of the earliest world war II movies and came in 1962. Several people directed the movie. Darryl F. Zanuck, Bernhard Wicki, Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton, Gerd Oswald are part of the direction team. Cornelius Ryan is the person who wrote this story.

Wrap Up

The Hiroshima and Nagasaki events are more than enough to remind us of world war II. The world’s governing structure has changed after the war. Today, we have many movies, dramas, and books to tell us the stories during that time. War, love, sacrifice, journey, tragedy are all part of the time. We can only learn through the stories from the survivors.

But, now we have the power of media and art to give us amazing movies and dramas to experience those events. Here, we have some of the best world war II movies for you. Check them out and learn the struggle and memorable events our historical world war II had.

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