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Modern Window Treatment Ideas

by Jaxon Philip
Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Windows play a huge role in supplying fresh air to houses, but it also can be defined as an ornament that a house owns. Modern window treatment has become a path to a luxurious lifestyle in the new era. People have been assigning experts worldwide to help them build the perfect windows for their houses. However, due to budget issues and pandemics, people have decided to use their creative brains and quickly achieve modern window treatments at home. A little hard work, a little patience, and there you have your perfect window treatment. However, it is also not vital for you to always do the hard work. Let the experts do their jobs while you sit back and order your choices. So if you ever wonder.

In recent days, modern window treatment materials come in various forms. The following are the 20 different window treatment ideas you can try today:

1) Internal Window Shades

Internal window shade window treatments are in style. They are the most prevailing option for modern window treatment ideas for coziness, convenience, and comfort. Internal window shades are placed from the interior of your house, on your windows, to control daylight and protect your privacy from bystanders.

2) A Modern Twist on a Classic Roman Shade

As we all know, a classic roman shade is window blinds that are made up of fabric and are lifted up and down with the help of a string attached to the blinds. The string works as does because of the string arrangement, which is tailored to the blinds’ back. A modern twist on a classic roman shade is based on no-string production by giving you a clutter-free view of your room or even the view outside your window.

3) Cellular Shades: Superior Energy Efficiency and Style

Cellular Shades are reputed following one of the Most Modern Window Treatment due to their ability to resist heat non-conductor along with a stylish finish. Cellular shades are in demand due to their potency to protect you from non-conductors and blackouts while giving you the privacy of a modern, stylish window shade. In addition, cellular shade can resist heat and electrical surroundings because of its two or more overlapped layering style features.

4) Rattan Blinds

Raise a toast if you always thought, “What Can I put on Windows Instead of Curtain ?” Because we all have been there, where we wanted changes in our houses but did not have a perfect place to start from. One of the best alternative curtains is Rattan Blinds. Not just it lets the airflow through quickly, but it will also give your house a tropical vibe. Rattan blinds are the best curtain alternate for summer days.

5) Shutters: Durable and Timeless

Shutter window treatments are in style. It has been one of the oldest forms of window styling techniques. One may say it is timeless due to its durability along with its serving feature to protect you from daylight and unpredictable climate obstructions while preserving your privacy.

6) Drapery Ideas for Living Room Windows

Baffled with the thought of “what can I put on windows instead of a curtain?” then you should try drapes instead of your regular curtains. Drapes are attractive plait-like folds used in a variety of forms. Drapes come in different patterns that might widen your choices to select your newly constructed living room or your old renovated cozy living room you have been dreamt to spent your leisure on.

7) Double Blinds

Double blinds shades are two consequent following window blinds. The two consecutive window blinds consist of a see-through blind shade which is the first of the two layers, then comes the opaque layer, which works uniformly like a standard window shade.

8) The Warmth and Richness of Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are classy and modern for your windows. Wooden blinds come in different sizes, prints and are lightweight, to everyone’s surprise. You do not have to wonder about the heaviness of your wood blinds next time you think about buying them for their warm impact.

9) Designer Screen Shades and UV Protection

Designer screen shades and UV protection blinds are window treatments in style nowadays for their capacity to protect you from 99% harmful UV Rays while preserving your home decors from breaking and fading from sunlight. Screen shades provide full protection from the sun’s harmful rays, which might harm us individuals in the long term.


10) Modern Window Coverings for Large Window

Most modern window treatments are animated for the production of large windows, which people are a fan of nowadays. Most of the window covering shades and blinds are designed for large windows. Some of the commonly preferred window shades are plantation shutters, honeycomb shades, roman shades, roller shades, and many more.

11) Sheer White Curtains

Sometimes the simplest is the prettiest and the healthiest, so why not choose Sheer White Curtains for your windows? This lets the light is brightest and light in weight, letting all the fresh air inside the house. Sheer white curtains are the answer if you are looking for the simplest yet the most satisfying window treatment.

12) Shutters and Shades

If you wish to give your house a beach vibe, you can add shutters with awnings on top from the outside. It will give your house the perfect beach house look, and you can also add chairs randomly outside. It has the potential to become the best place for a hangout with your friends or family.

13) Multi-Hued Blue Curtains

Blue is the warmest color and the brightest color, so why not decorate the window with blue hues? With a metallic touch and a warm presence of light in the room, multi-hued curtains will turn your room into an aesthetic. We guarantee you will never leave your room after this low-budget modern window treatment.

14) Bare Windows

Not a treatment, but the try is always worth it. Especially when there is no chance of heavy wind or sunlight passing through it, if you have small windows, try not to put covers on them for some days. It would brighten up the natural look of the window.

15) A long-Distance Curtain Window Relation

If you have a small room, this is the right choice for you. Curtains beyond the window allow you to attach an attached base in between. You can later use the free space to keep your things or make them attached to the window wall sofa.

16) Translucent Glasses

If you worry about your privacy from the outside world or from your nosy neighbors, go for a window with translucent glasses. No one can peep inside. It will also help you to block the rain during heavy monsoon.

17) Full-Floor Ceiling Curtains

We all have dreamt of waking up like a princess, so why not now? We can’t guarantee about you, but a full-floor ceiling will lighten up your dark room early in the morning when you open the curtains. Not just are they incredibly gorgeous, but they also light and darkens up your room quickly.

18) Short Curtains

If you have long windows, try short curtains on them. Attach it somewhere in the middle and enjoy both light and shade together with the cool breeze. These curtains can also help you clean the windows more easily.

19) Same Outfit

If you are trying to get your room a punky makeover, how about painting walls the same pattern that your curtains have? It will is a tricky idea that can keep people wondering where the window is.

20) Tall Red Curtains

If you like your living room colorful and bright, try attaching bright red curtains to the windows. The curtains will lighten up your room every time of the day. Plus, if you are looking for a bold living room, red curtains are the best choice.


If we sit to count, there are more than a hundred more ways that can help you give a proper window treatment. Play with colors, patterns, designs; it is your home, and it is your own space, and dare not anyone judges it.

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