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The Power In 310 Shake’s Formula – Weight Loss Shakes Review

by Terry Jhon

A mix of positive and negative reviews revolves around every meal replacement shake that exists, but 310 Nutrition has had some great things said about them. Particularly, the recipe created for their meal replacement shakes are changing lives and helping people gain more control of their weight. 310 Nutrition prides itself with having a formula that has pure forms of proteins and 19 vitamins and minerals, but if you’re willing to comb through the details, you’ll realize they’ve put much more effort into their shake than expected. Here are some of the key features of the 310 Shake that have made it in the spotlight of weight loss shakes reviews.


  1. The Manufacturing Process

There aren’t many shake manufacturers that discuss the process of how they pump out one high-quality shake after another. 310 Nutrition explains how their FDA-certified facility uses “a proprietary process of cold cross-flow filtration.” The cold cross-flow function filters the fat, lactose, and cholesterol out of whey proteins. This is why 310 shakes are practically absent of fat and lactose. The preservation of the protein also helps with building muscle unlike proteins that are heated up and are later considered as “denatured”. 310 Nutrition is telling the truth when it comes to this process keeping all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the shake.


  1. The Holy Trinity of Protein – Tri-Plex Proteins

On every pack of a 310 Shake is a note about the Tri-Plex Proteins. This triple combo of proteins is also a highlight in every weight loss shake review that talks about 310 Nutrition because the shakes provide 15 grams of protein. All of the following proteins are produced from whole, natural ingredients:

  • Whey Protein (Isolate and Concentrate): The isolate benefits the most from the cold cross-flow process because it has the least amount of lactose, fat and carbohydrates. The concentrate has a huge amount of amino acids making it easier for each human body to absorb its proteins.
  • Milk Protein Concentrate: It works with the whey protein concentrate to boost the number of amino acids, but also makes you less hungry keeping you satisfied for hours.
  • PEA Protein: Similar to the milk protein concentrate, pea protein decreases the intensity of your hunger hormone, also known as ghrelin.

The purity of each protein in this mix is impressive and it’s even better that soy protein isn’t added so allergies don’t occur. Their team of clinical nutritionists really thought this through.


  1. The Sweetness and Taste of 310 Shakes

There are many protein heavy substances that lack an appealing taste, but some reviews say that 310 is good enough and sweet enough to enjoy on its own or mix with others items like coconut milk and fruit. Trying out a variety of 310 shake flavors and mixing with other natural ingredients can be enjoyed without adding any sugar. The natural sweetness of the shake comes from stevia, a natural sugar substitute that is extracted from stevia plants. It is also worth mentioning that this is perhaps the only Shake that presents a package of extra sweetness and high nutrition.


  1. The Long List of Vitamins and Minerals

The 310 Shake has 19 vitamins and minerals in each serving. That is an impressive amount for a meal replacement drink since the vitamins and minerals included are aimed at helping others get to a healthy weight. The vitamins and minerals included will help with vision, skin health, bone growth, boosting your immune system, increasing calcium, preventing various diseases (including cancerous ones), protecting against toxins, various neurological disorders, controlling hormones, regulating emotions, and more. That list only covers a portion of what the 310 Shake can help with, but seeing these benefits makes it clear as to why this shake makes it on weight loss shake reviews. The 310 Shake doesn’t focus on solely weight loss, but other factors of a person’s health that affect their emotional and mental health as well. The time put into making sure as many vitamins and minerals were included as possible means the team working on the 310 Shake had long-term health in mind.

The careful consideration put into the 310 Shake is outstanding and can truly benefit all of those who try it. Great health is much more than losing weight and 310 Nutrition seems to be one of the few meal replacement shake producers that understands this. It excels many meal replacement shakes known out there on all fronts.

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