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Protein Shakes: Do You Need Them?

by Terry Jhon
RTD Protein Shakes

Diets with low calorie are in use since 1930s and this was done to support weight loss. Even in limited diet version, consuming five protein shakes for a particular or specific period of time every day under strict medical supervision is recommended as diet protein shakes.


Different Shakes Types

There are different recipes and products to help dieters in following the plan. The diet protein shakes is typically low in fat, carbohydrates and sugar, while providing protein around 14 to 40 grams in each shake. Predictably, these shakes offer around 800 calories daily. Some plans include adding fiber to assist in digestion. Others may add essential omega-3 fats such as fish or flax oil. Most plans recommend taking multivitamin featuring minerals to avert deficiencies.

Plan Benefits

There is not much research available on the five-day diet protein shakes; most studies consider liquid meal replacements to be actually effective. This diet provides from 600 to 1,400 calories a day based on the plan and product, giving the dieter the restriction of calorie required for weight loss. The plan takes dieter away from the environment of food allowing him to avoid thinking about any food or foods he should be eating. This plan provides fast weight loss thereby promoting the effort of the dieter.

Plan drawbacks  

This plan requires motivation to a high level. Though the plan is effective, it requires high potential for misuse and there are all chances that it must not be considered and effective for a long-term solution. The diets featuring high-protein are more satisfying than other diet types. However, liquid diets also do not contribute much and are regarded to be less satisfying. This diet must be avoided in case a person has disorders relating to digestion such as Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, diverticular disease, or other diseases that involve excretion of protein and metabolism such as kidney or liver disease. The potential side effects of this diet include symptoms related with nutrient deficiencies, heart abnormalities and cognitive dysfunction.

Other Considerations

Choosing diet protein shakes for 5 days refers to a plan to a regular, balanced diet low in calories for weight loss. Bear in mind that not all the types of protein shakes possess the same value. Some may be high in sugar, while others may not have enough protein and still others may be less fortified with the expected essential nutrients required.

Diet protein shakes that include whey protein are recommended as it is a by-product of the cheese production. There are some diet protein shakes such as Shakelogy that is created plant based protein formula and is suitable for people who are unable to tolerate products of milk and they can have these shakes happily. Fortunately, now there are various flavors available in vegan and other regular formulas. The vegan powders are available in chocolate or tropical strawberry flavors and the regular formula is available in vanilla, chocolate, greenberry and strawberry. People having tried Shakeology  also take it with almond milk or mix few other powder to make it extra rich and they love the consistency and flavor of this protein shake.

IdealShape is one of the meal replacement shakes geared towards people looking to control cravings and lose weight, and is not for people aiming to gain muscle or improve their digestive health. The IdealShape replaces only one meal a day and supports weight loss when it is in association with a calorie-controlled diet providing 90 calories per serving. Meal replacement shakes in each serving are around 180 calories and are mostly coupled with blending those formulas with bananas, berries, or nut butters, that calorie count increases sabotaging the weight loss attempts. IdealShape is enough to satisfy for nearly three hours.

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