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Strength Training Equipment for Home Gyms

by Daniel Muse
Strength Training Equipment for Home Gyms

It may be difficult to explain to a twenty-first-century kid that gyms aren’t the only place where they can get a full body workout, or even that the body is truly the best gym equipment anyone needs. All other gym accessories kits, regardless of how cool they seem, are subject to your body.

With how expensive gym memberships are becoming and with how social media makes it seem like the only proof you’ve worked out is with photos from the gym, it’s quite easy to forget that you can actually get portable gym products, create some space at home, and your home gym will be ready for use.

Here are some affordable gym accessories kits and equipment’s that can give your body a full workout from home.

Strength Equipment For Home

1. CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell 

You’ll really work on your arm strength with each swing. It’s estimated that you burn up to 20 calories a minute with these bad boys, depending on the fitness level you choose (10 to 50 lbs.). Now the thing about kettlebells is they can slip off your hand grip if the final coating is not done with quality finishes.

This CAP Kettlebell has an enamel finish, one of the best kettlebell coats in the industry, so you don’t have to worry about your grip when working out.

2. Black Mountain Resistance Bands Set

A must-have for every serious strength trainer. This resistance band comes as a full set with resistance levels starting from 2 lbs. to 38 lbs., so just pick a level you’re comfortable with and work your way up. The set also comes with a “suggested exercises” chart with different workouts, door anchors for the bands and a bag to put them all in.

3. Adjustable Speed Jump Rope 

Jump ropes have been a staple, especially in CrossFit workouts. Speed ropes take it a step further by using cables as the material of the rope instead of beads. This makes the rope move faster. They’re really portable and easily the least expensive equipment amongst all the gym accessories kits you’ll come across.

Strength Training Equipment for Home Gyms
4. Prosource Multi Grip Chin Up & Pull Up Bar 

People always stare when someone walks over to the pull-up bar, it can be unnerving at times. If you really want to go a few rounds on it, without judge stares, you can get this private bar for home use. Just fit it to your door at home and use any of the 12 grips, which allows for different exercises on the chin-up bar.

Don’t worry about the weight limit, it’s designed to hold up to 300 lbs., or close enough to the weight of a sumo wrestler.

5. Weight Bench 

Hate it or love it, this is a very classic tool for core workouts. Adjust the bench as you’ll like and work those muscles. Since you’ll be working out from home, you can get a bench that folds, for easy storage.

6. Heavy Kit Bag 

Need to work some anger off while getting a great workout? Get a heavy gym accessories kits like the punching bag that comes with the necessary gloves, hand wraps and bungee cord you’ll need to set up your home kickass boxing gym.

7. Medicine Foam Roller

Not exactly a strength equipment, but it’s great for pre and posts workout stretches. Just position the foam roller at tight or sore muscles and roll on it to get deep tissue massage.

8. Hype wear Sandbell Sandbag 

Made with neoprene so it won’t leave dent marks on your floor, this sandbag is similar to other strength training equipments like kettlebells and dumbbells. Perhaps the most obvious difference is that unlike other strength equipment, the sand in the bag shifts around while you’re working out, so more muscles can be targeted.

Wrapping It Up

Sometimes weighing costs can force you to think a bit outside the box.

Even if the home gym equipment listed here are still pricier than you’ll like, remember your body’s one of the best gyms equipment you can possibly have. A few push-ups here, jogging or constantly climbing the stairs won’t cost you anything.

If you need a trainer to yell “faster”, “one more rep”, “you can do it”, you can just get one of those online fitness gurus. They cost way less than paying for gym memberships.

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