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The Secret To Buying The Best Gaming Laptop

by Owen Wilson

Gaming laptops are not really special breeds amidst all the other laptops; they are simply the most powerful machines that feature vital components which are the best, the fastest, the latest, the biggest, the sharpest and the brightest. In simple terms, gaming laptops are top of the line laptops – the elite dream machines, the cream of the crop. So what’s the secret for buying the best gaming laptop? Well, this article discusses various factors you need to look at.


  1. Check The Graphics Horsepower An earnest gaming laptop addresses the graphics issue very seriously because the quality of the graphic chip inside the gaming laptop is the single most important factor which in the end determines the quality of the graphics and therefore also controls gaming performance. If you are an avid gamer looking for the best gaming laptop (To learn more about http://www.gadgetreview.com/best-gaming-laptop-for-the-money-under-2000), I strongly advise you to choose the laptop with the latest graphic chip available on the market at the time of your purchase. And beyond that, remember that new technology is coming out all the time and you and your gaming laptop do not want to be left behind. Therefore be sure that the gaming laptop which you are considering has an option for upgrading. That is, unless you do not mind buying a new gaming laptop every twelve or eighteen months in order to keep up with the latest trends. Need a faster and better gaming laptop? Find best prices for laptops at Shopping.com.
  2. RAM, Gimme More RAM! Your gaming laptop’s RAM (random access memory) is the factor that determines how much graphics it will be capable to hold and to handle. I strongly advise you to settle for nothing less than 256MB of RAM but I also urge you to strive for more. 2GB of RAM is not at all drastic whether you design to do heavy duty gaming.
  3. Speed Is Everything The processor is the heart, brain and soul of your laptop computer and it does all its data processing as well as its applications. For the optimum in 3D video gaming experience you must get the gaming laptop with the fastest processor you possibly can. If you can afford it, choose the high speed SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Architecture).
  4. Blow Them Away With The Display Unless you invest in the sharpest and brightest high resolution display screen which can handle the graphics for your 3D gaming, the above components that we have just discussed would have been a shameful waste of our valuable time and your hard earned money. With higher resolutions (1280 x 1024) you will experience better viewing. However, do yourself and your eyes a favor and check it out first hand.
  5. The Best Gaming Laptop Now that we have reviewed crucial key components that all gaming laptops must be endowed with, let us look at one particular gaming laptop which I believe stands out from the crowd – the Alienware Area-51 m15x. The m15x is the gaming laptop that you and other gaming enthusiasts have been dreaming about. It provides ground-breaking performance, out of this world graphics, data transfer at mega speeds and it is Vista ready. Check this wonder machine out and you will be wowed. Some folks might argue that the Dell XPS M1710 is a better gaming laptop, but I feel it is way too expensive. The Alienware Area-51 m15x has the best balance of function, performance and price.

Conclusion If you utilize the points that we had discussed above and you see into the Alienware Area-51 m15x, you are on your way to discovery the finest gaming laptop that will give you hours upon more hours of gaming delight.

Tips on Buying the Best Gaming Laptop

If you love computer gaming and want to take your passion for World of Warcraft, the Sims 2, or Doom on the road with you then investing in a gaming laptop is a must. Not just any laptop is going to meet your gaming needs so before you hit the shops you need to know what to look for in the system you purchase.

Why Buy a Gaming Laptop?

Gaming laptops are laptops that are specifically designed to support the higher demands of the video games on the market. The newer generations of these games include high-end graphics that can push most computers to their limits. Some games are so challenging that even many desktops can’t even play them.

When you purchase a gaming laptop, you’re investing in something that is going to have some of the most advanced technology on the market so that it will not only be able to play today’s game but games that will hit the market for the coming years as well.

Of course, you can do other things with gaming laptops. They usually have faster processors, larger hard drives, and better audio speakers so you can use them effectively for a wide variety of non-gaming activities as well.

What features should a Gaming Laptop include?

For starters, your gaming laptop needs to be capable of handling the most intense graphics possible. That means it must include top-of-the-line graphics card. You don’t want an integrated card – this is common in many low-end laptops but it won’t deliver the processing ability you’ll need for games. Instead, look for the most advanced graphics card available on the market at the time of your purchase or check the specifications for a high-end video game then compare that to the laptop’s.

Another feature you need is plenty of RAM. Because your RAM will determine how many graphics your laptop can handle at one time so the more you have the better. Look for around 2 GB of RAM. You can get away with less but you may have to add more at a later date to keep up with the increasing demands of the software. You might even want to boost it to 3 GB if you’re going to be running Windows Vista.

Your screen is also going to be important. If you’re going to be playing games, you don’t want a puny 15 inch monitor with low resolution. You’re going to want at least a 17 inch monitor. Consider a resolution of 1280 X 1024.

Which brands should I look?

One of the best brands in gaming laptops are the Alienware Area 51 models. These are a bit pricey with the lowest priced model starting at $1,500. However, they do provide everything you need for good gaming. Because you buy direct from the company, you can also customize all of the laptops to tweak their capabilities even more.

Toshiba, Dell, and Gateway also sell gaming quality laptops, although the prices can be even more than Alienware models.

Make sure you do your homework before making a purchase so you end up with a gaming laptop that fits your needs.

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