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Things You Should Never Ask a Hotel Staff

by Jaxon Philip
Think you shouldn't ask hotel staff

Basic etiquette matters a lot in the lifetime of every person. It reflects your attitude and generosity towards others and shows your respect and consideration that speak highly about your personality. Furthermore, etiquette is essential for respecting people and giving value equally despite their age, gender, and professions.

This is why no matter who you talk to, you always need to follow basic etiquette to avoid unnecessary feuds. No matter where you are or who you are, even when you are in a hotel, there are certain things you should ask the hotel staff. Here is everything you must know before speaking to the hotel staff.

What is Hotel Etiquette?

When a person asks unnatural or unrealistic questions, it is generally termed as going against hotel etiquette. For example, a question like can you bring a girl to your hotel room is a strange question to ask a hotel staff. Hotel etiquettes promote kindness and understanding amongst the staff and customers. Therefore, we need to treat the hotel staff as important as they make us feel.

you should not ask a hotel staff

What You Shouldn’t Ask Hotel Staff

The following are the top 15 things you should never ask a hotel staff:

  • Vacation Etiquette for All

A vacation during the covid-19 pandemic typically leads everyone to choose the cleanest hotels for a safe and hygienic stay, but that doesn’t mean that we can treat the hotel rooms like we treat our rooms. Therefore, it is crucial to think about the hygiene of hotel staff when they clean your rooms. Be kind and gentle to them.

  • Complaint on the Internet

Sometimes what we see on the internet is different from reality. Thanks to the reviews online, one can get a clear image of a hotel and its management. However, sometimes, things don’t work according to plans. Give the hotel staff the chance to compensate instead of rushing to the internet and complaining about it.

  • Is it Necessary to Pay the Resort Fee?

Look for hotels that offer free resort amenities if you are looking for one. It is one of the best things to ask for in a hotel.

  • Can I Check-in According to My Time?

Every hotel has its check-in and out times. It is based on housekeeping services, so try to follow the timings to avoid confusion.

  • Why Can’t I Get Those Extra Perks others Get?

Different hotels may offer different perks, but that limits people who opt for membership programs. Unfortunately, this means there’s a high chance you won’t get to enjoy the perks people with membership enjoy.

  • Can I Extend My Stay Even Though There are No Vacancies?

If there are no vacancies left in the hotel, there is no certain way to extend your stay even if you are willing to pay for another day. However, it also means that you cannot add extra people to the hotel room.

  • Why is This a Valet-Only Hotel?

The hotels that offer valet parking can not guarantee parking for guests, which is why parking your own according to your wish is one of the least things you must do.

  • It is Late, But Can You Bring This Up to My Room?

This is one of the important points you should ask a hotel staff member. Plus, if you do not know how to call a hotel room directly, try to get the information before it’s too late to disturb anyone.

  • I Booked Through a Third-Party Site, and My Charge is Incorrect. Is it Possible to Fix it?

Hotels cannot help you fix the charge or offer you received from a third party. This is because they only receive a certain amount of commissions from third-party sites.

  • Can Your Hotel’s Airport Shuttle Take Us Downtown?

Airport shuttles are used explicitly for visitors who come to the hotel directly after a long flight. They are technically not meant for dropping visitors in the city downtown.

  • Do You Mind if My Pet Accompanies Me to My Hotel Room?

You can only bring your pets if the hotel mentions this feature in the hotel room’s amenities.

  • Why is my rate different from the last year’s even though the rooms are the same?

Like help flight prices keep fluctuating throughout the year, hotel rooms go through the same. This is why you probably will not get the same room worth the same money.

  • Is Wi-Fi not Free?

The internet isn’t cheap, primarily when hundreds of people use it every day. If your hotel charges you with Wi-Fi usage, cooperate with them. However, if you wonder do hotels track internet activity, you must contact customer care services.

The Bottom Line

The matter in which part of the globe you are, your behavior and consideration towards other people will secure your image in front of others. And the basics start from how you treat your hotel staff. So next time before you visit a hotel, remember the things you shouldn’t ask the hotel staff.

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