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Top Tips on How to Increase Laptop Battery Life and Performance

by Owen Wilson
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Power is the essential thing to have on your laptop. Without it, the laptop is a piece of useless tech equipment. Below are some tips to increase the performance and durability of your battery. Many new laptop owners cry foul of reduced battery performance as opposed to the manufacturer’s advertisement.

In most cases, it is ignorance of how to manage the configuration of the battery settings to have lasting performance. The following tips listed below will enlighten you on how to increase laptop battery performance. These minor improvements will allow you to use your laptop without having to reach out for the power pack constantly.

Use the Windows Battery Performance Slider

The new Fall Creators Update has made it easier to optimize battery performance and durability. It achieves this through the Performance Slider, which facilitates switching between the available power mode options. The extreme ends of the slider are, high performance which drains a lot of power, and battery saver mode, which increases the operation time of the battery. The slider is movable to achieve a balanced performance in sync with any task you are doing. The slider is a handy feature as it allows users optimum modes for different tasks without compromising performance. The slider automatically groups battery optimization options into easily selectable modes. Firstly there is the Best Performance mode, which allows users to use demanding apps with optimum performance, and as such, the battery power drained more quickly. This mode allows background applications to continue running, which further consumes a lot of power. Next is the Better Performance mode, which minimizes background operations, saving some battery power. Better Battery mode, followed by Better Battery mode, ensures a healthy battery, thus improving its operation time and life. Finally is the Battery Saver mode, which is applicable when the laptop is not connected to the power supply. It automatically reduces screen brightness by 30%. This mode also cuts off most of the background apps, prevents mail from syncing, and stops the download of Windows Updates. The compound effect of the Battery Saver mode operations increase laptop battery duration.

Use Battery Settings on MacOS

The MacBook doesn’t have a Slider for choosing a battery performance configuration like Windows. However, battery optimization options are found in the Energy Saver Preference. To access this option, you search for Energy saver using the search option. Click on the Battery tab, which will direct you to the display setting page to make necessary changes. To make changes with similar effects to the Battery Saver and Better Battery modes on Windows, apply the following settings. Tick the following options, ‘Put hard disks to sleep when possible’ and ‘slightly dim the display while on battery power. Ensure that the ‘Enable Power Nap while on battery power’ option is unchecked. Power Nap allows the MacBook to constantly wake up from sleep mode to check for updates now and again, increasing the laptop battery drainage. By disabling this option, the MacBook remains in sleep mode until you decide otherwise. Although disabling Power Nap saves battery power, notifications will only appear when you are using the Mac.

Turn Down Display Brightness

Screen brightness settings allow the user to adjust the brightness to suit the lighting conditions of the environment. If the lighting conditions are good, one should use medium to low brightness settings. High brightness on display drains a lot of power. The screen is made up of tiny pixels that produce different colors to project everything we see. By increasing brightness, you are increasing the power to these pixels, and the result is a quick drain on the battery power. Therefore, by turning down the display brightness, battery power is further conserved. It is advisable to configure the display settings to turn off after a set period of inactivity automatically. The brightness can be controlled using the two function keys on the keyboard.

Additionally, the brightness is controlled using a Slider which is accessible by going to Settings>System>Display. By initiating Power saver mode, some of these adjustments are automatically implemented. On top of increasing battery usage, low brightness also minimizes damage to your eyes.

Unplugged Unused Peripherals

The external peripherals, when connected to transmit data, also draws power from the laptop. For this reason, it is necessary to unplug peripherals that are not in use to prevent further drain on your battery. In this way you can increase laptop battery performance.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi When not Needed

When you do not require any connectivity, turn off the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi. These features use power to maintain connectivity. Even if there is no connection, when turned on, they drain power while seeing for familiar devices to connect on. Therefore, when not in use, it is advisable it is an excellent move to turn off these features until the need arises. In addition to this, consider turning on the Airplane mode. It improves battery-saving by blocking radio signals which are constantly used by background processes such as updaters. This further minimizes battery usage increasing its duration.

Keep Your Laptop Out of Hot and Cold

Use your laptop in mild temperature conditions. A very hot or cold environment causes the laptop to overwork, consequently draining the battery much faster. For instance, in a hot climate, the fan will have to work twice as much to prevent IC’s from overheating and failing. Also, battery exposure to extreme temperature conditions shortens its life.

Don’t Keep Your Laptop Plugged In

Laptops that are constantly plugged in to the power source have a high number of cycles compared to those kept between 20% and 80% of charge. A cycle in battery charging comprises a connection when you plug in the charger and a disconnection when you plug out. Batteries from manufactures have a certain number of cycles the battery must undergo before it starts deteriorating in performance. Also, it is not necessary to charge your battery until 100% all the time.

This tip applies to laptops that do not have an intelligent charging system. There is no worry about keeping your machine constantly plugged in for laptops with an intelligent charging system as the intelligent charging mode prioritizes the battery condition.

Close Specific Apps That Use Lots of Power

It is always better to keep open only the application you are using. By opening multiple applications, battery power is drained much more quickly, even if you are not using the application. Optimize the battery performance by working only on one application at a time. Only when the task you are doing requires you to switch from one application to another, there is no problem in opening multiple tabs. Search for applications that operate in the background as some of them are chunk a lot of power from the battery. Disable these background operating applications if you rarely use them. Take note that some are necessary to keep your machine operating at optimum levels. Some apps like Adobe Reader keep running in the background draining a lot of power along the way. In addition to disabling unnecessary background apps, search for utilities or processes that automatically start during Windows start-up. Some utilities like Download Assistant can be safely disabled without affecting the operation of your laptop and it will surely increase laptop battery .

Keep a Battery Backup

A backup is always a sure way to ensure that you have enough battery power. It also comes in handy in case of an emergency whereby you find yourself in a place without electricity. The battery backup can be another battery that you can exchange with the one in use if it gets depleted. Also, it can be an external power source like a power bank with an adapter compatible with your laptop model. Additionally, the external power is convenient for those with built-in batteries.


This technological era demands that you are always connected and can accomplish different tasks using your laptop uninterrupted. This is only possible when your laptop is always powered. By applying the above tips, you are ensured that your engagement with your laptop is not disturbed due to low battery issues. Work, play, learn and do all your staff wherever you are, knowing that your battery performance will not hold you back. Furthermore, with a lasting battery, you are ensured smooth operation even if you are in a crowded place with insufficient sockets. When you purchase a new laptop, always find ways to optimize your battery performance for increased duration. With time the battery will eventually fail, but before it does, make sure that you prolong its lifespan by applying the tips mentioned above. Above all, get the best battery performance by implementing these tips, guaranteeing you a battery that will last as advertised by the manufacturer or even better.

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