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Top 7 Reasons Why Plant-Based Meal Replacement Shakes Are Better Than Whey-Based Ones

by Daniel Muse
Plant-Based Meal Replacement Shakes

Choosing the right weight loss techniques is a widespread challenge to many fitness adherents throughout the world. While it isn’t particularly hard to single out specific fat loss formulas or exercises, the whole trick lies in the confounding dilemma of knowing the best slimming combinations! As such, this article highlights a few comparative tips to help you understand why plant-based meal replacement formulations such as 310 shake are far better than whey ones.

Continue reading to learn some top 7 dietary advantages that whey-based fitness recipes conspicuously lack.

1. Less Flatulence

First off, plant-based meal replacement shakes don’t cause as much flatulence as whey-oriented ones! For starters without much nutrition acumen, flatulence is the natural accumulation of gas in the digestive tract. According to tens of genuine reviews posted online by veteran weight loss enthusiasts, whey protein isolates trigger incessant flatulence that’s beyond anyone’s capacity to bear. Although one could witness some marked benefits at the gym as soon as they embark on the supplementary diets, steady gas accumulation becomes a totally unbearable problem in its own right!

2. Easy Digestion


Unlike whey-containing shakes, herb-based protein formulas are easily digested and don’t pose any stomach upsets. This is because whey contains a lot of lactose – a rather problematic element that results in a vast range of digestive issues for many individuals. Since most organic weight loss diets that contain whey aren’t truly better than plant-oriented alternatives, at least going by the various testimonies volunteered by thousands of keen gym goers, you’re advised to choose the former to be safer. For instance, a 310 shake is extremely helpful to routine exercisers who spend a lot of hours in the gym.

3. Higher Nutritional Value

Additionally, purely organic meal replacement shakes are much better than ones that contain whey. To begin with, whey is heavily processed and it thus poses a few health inconveniences to dieters. Again, whey-rich slimming products don’t have the superior nutritional merits that plant-extracted combinations provide. Due to these strong reasons, it’s compellingly wiser to go for fully natural protein shake brands in order to lose pounds faster and in a distinctly healthier manner. Keep in mind that you’re not just out to lose weight to the utter detriment of the very core nourishing needs of your body!

4. Plant-Based Protein Shakes Don’t Contain Synthetic Ingredients


Further, meal replacement fat loss brands don’t feature any inorganic components. Since our bodies are natural systems that obviously respond more favorably to natural elements than to synthetic ones, you’re bound to reap outstandingly greater fitness rewards using these non-synthetic meal replacement products. Whether or not you’ve previously used whey-containing in the past without noticeable or palpable hurdles, you still ought to switch to plant-formulated alternatives because you’ll realize exponentially better fitness outcomes.

5. Quicker Nourishment

Most plant-oriented meal replacement brands are greatly more digestible and absorbable than anything that contains whey. With higher nutrient potency and greater absorbability, the exerciser can get nourished in a matter of minutes after eating. This doesn’t hold true for supplements that have whey. While the former will provide expedited strengthening and an overall feeling of lightness, the latter takes more time to enter the bloodstream, leading to the evidently delayed nourishment.

6. Plant Protein Products Are More Cost-Effective

According to fitness experts, dieters and exercisers, using purely natural meal replacement shakes can save a huge deal of money since only a little quantity is needed to achieve one’s specific goals. Going by several confirmed sources, the average fitness devotee is only required to take about 48 grams of organic meal shakes per day. Owing to the awesome fact that you need less of these more advantageous formulas, you indeed have no good reason to waste your hard-earned cash on slightly inferior whey-based shakes.

7. Plant-Based Protein Shakes Are Scientifically Proven

Finally, protein shakes that exclusively feature organic ingredients are scientifically backed. If you closely go through all the nutritional methodologies outlined by the original designers of globally endorsed fitness brands such as 310 shake, for instance, you’ll discover that they’re strictly grounded on tried and proven scientific justifications. This is quite different from the average whey-rich meal replacement shake doing rounds in the current weight loss industry. Subsequently, all exercisers are strongly counseled to choose plant-based meal replacement products instead of those that contain highly processed components like whey.

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