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What is Dry Shampoo? How Does it Work?

by Jaxon Philip
A woman is spraying dry shampoo

It’s either taking a quick shower or a soothing bath; there is no in-between. But what about the times you hardly have an hour left and need to get a quick bath? A quick shower is not enough when you want to style your hair. And, this is where dry shampoo comes in. But, What is Dry Shampoo? Do not worry! In this article, we will tell you everything you must know about dry shampoo for your hair.

The History of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo was first made in the 15th century in Asia. The concept came from people powdering clay in their hair. Later near the 1700s, people used ground starch to deodorize wigs and color them. However, dry shampoos were then officially sold to the public of the US between 1940 to 1960. Ever since then, dry shampoo has gained quite a popularity as it has saved a lot of time for people with thick curly hair.

Now, you might think, “dry shampoo? How does it work?” Well, keep reading to learn more.

What Is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a hair product that reduces grease, dirt, and excess oil from your hair. It is the complete opposite of what we know of regular shampoos. You can apply any dry shampoo to your hair without washing your hair at all. You do not need to wash your hair before or after applying the product.

a woman is using dry shampoo

How It Works

You may now wonder how does dry shampoo works? Well, it is pretty simple. Our scalps are covered with hair follicles, out of which not all follicles sprout hair. Some follicles produce a natural oil that softens your scalp. It is important as this natural oil helps to protect the skin under the hair follicles.

However, when you sweat while working out or outdoors on the road, your hair collects the oil and sweat, making your hair look and feel super greasy. You can wash your hair with regular shampoo, style your hair with iron and blow-dryers. This could further damage your hair.

This is where the advantage of using a dry shampoo kick in. Dry shampoo consists of active starch-based ingredients along with alcohol that soaks the sweat and oil from your hair. These magical products make your hair look freshly washed and clean within a few minutes after applying.

Is it Effective?

If you think about how does dry shampoo work on hair or if it is effective, then the answer is that dry shampoo is pretty effective when used properly. However, it is probably not the correct choice if you are looking for something that will instantly wash the dirt out of your hair. Dry shampoo will give you a quick, freshly showered look. Nevertheless, avoid regular dry shampoo as it can affect you with possible side effects like the dry and itchy scalp.

How To Use

You need to apply dry shampoo based on your:

  • Hair type
  • Length
  • Oiliness
  • Texture

So, to begin, you need to hold the bottle of your dry shampoo 5-6 inches away from your head and spray small amounts of the dry shampoo in the roots of your hair. Apply the product above your ears. Back of the head, and the hair at your nape. Apple the product entirely and massage the shampoo using your fingertips.

Once done, give a cool blow-dry to add volume to your hair. Properly applied, massaged, and blow-dried hair dry shampooed hair will result in naturally bouncy hair. So, if you ask us how does dry shampoo work on hair, we would say “like magic.”


The following are the potential drawbacks of using dry shampoo:

  • It does not clean your hair. Instead, it hides the oil and grease from your hair, making it look less noticeable. Unlike regular shampoos, dry shampoo does not remove the dirt and oil from your hair.
  • It may lead to hair breakage. Most dry shampoos contain alcohol as an important ingredient. On the other hand, alcohol can dry your hair, resulting in broken fibers or hair breakage.
  • Avoid making dry shampoo a habit. It could result in a damaged and poor scalp. A damaged scalp, on the other hand, can cause hair loss. Your scalp will get prone to fungal infections if not washed properly with regular shampoo.

So, if you wonder what is dry shampoo used for? The answer is ‘for temporary styling.’ You need to wash your hair properly.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

The answer is different for every person. That is because the number of times you must wash your hair depends on your hair texture and scalp type. Generally, twice a week is fine, but more than twice is recommended if you have oily hair.
Note: if you wonder what shampoo is good for dry scalp, you can check out the list here.

The Bottom Line

Now, if you wonder What is Dry Shampoo, the answer is simple: It is a hair product that temporarily makes your hair look clean and bouncy. However, make sure you do not overuse it and wash your hair every week.

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